How Can I Improve My Summer Mental Health?

If you have ever experienced ‘winter blues’ or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you are not alone. Cold weather and lack of sunshine are common factors that can have a negative influence on everyone’s mental health. Finding yourself in a slump when spring and summer finally roll around is a common occurrence. That is one reason why it is so beneficial to commit to improving your summer mental health.

Summer Mental Health Awareness

When summer finally arrives, it is an exciting and hopeful time for many people. It’s no wonder that May has been designated national mental health awareness month. Alter Wellness Care recognizes national mental health awareness month as a time for educating and raising awareness about mental health and the impact it can have on a person’s life. During May, it is important to recognize the many people that work in the mental health care field and show your support for those struggling with mental health challenges.

There are many different ways to strengthen your own mental health resilience throughout the summer months. You can find ways to be mindful and purposeful about mental health, like listening to a mental health podcast. Making sure you are having fun and getting outdoors is also a great way to help boost your summer mental health.

Activities for Positive Summer Mental Health

There are several activities that you can choose to participate in that will affect your summer mental health in positive ways. Choosing to be active and creative in ways that interest you can be very beneficial.

Plant a Garden

Being outside and cultivating a green space has been shown to have many positive effects on physical and mental health. Gardening, in particular, can be an effective tool for reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. It gives you a great opportunity to soak up the Vitamin D that can help boost your mood as well!

When you garden, you are improving your dexterity and working different muscle groups. You also get the positive benefit of creating something and watching it grow. It can help you establish a comforting routine and even provide opportunities for socialization. There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from planting and caring for a garden. Moreover, you will also have fresh, healthy food to eat!

Replace Screen Time With Outside Time

The negative effects of excessive technology use are pretty well known. It can affect stress levels, cause eye strain, and interrupt your sleep patterns, for example. So why not replace some of that screen time with outdoor activities?  When you choose to participate in activities outside, you can expect to receive a variety of benefits.

When you are outside you are exposing yourself to beneficial things like fresh air and sunshine. Being outside can be a nice break from your regular work or daily routines, which can help you manage daily stress more easily. If you choose to go for a walk or bike ride, you are going to reap the benefits of physical exercise at the same time, which can boost your mental health as well.

Travel Somewhere New

Traveling, even just for a couple of hours on a day trip, can help you relieve stress and boost your mood. If you go for a drive, you have the opportunity to see new things and spark your creativity. It can give your mind and body a break from your regular responsibilities, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Good weather during the summer makes it easier to boost your mental health by traveling. In addition to creating new memories, if you travel with someone, you will also be strengthening your relationships. You can get even more mental health benefits if you make a point to travel to natural environments, like the forest or the ocean. Our minds can receive peace from being exposed to peaceful, natural places.

Have Fun!

No matter what you choose to do in the summer, your most important priority should be to have fun! When you enjoy what you do during your personal time, you are more likely to have a positive outlook on life and a more resilient response to stress. You will feel better and be more resistant to symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Purposeful Summer Mental Health Improvement

If you feel like your mental health could benefit from some professional support, Alter Wellness Care is here to support you. Sometimes support from the right place can be exactly what you need. At Alter Wellness we are committed to making each of our clients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

We work with each client individually to design a treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and fits into their lifestyle. Our staff will make you feel heard and respected during each step of your mental health journey. It is our goal to support you in thriving and achieving success.

Summer is an excellent time to prioritize your mental and physical health. With longer daylight hours, more free time, and plenty of sunshine, summer provides ample opportunities to have fun and feel better. If you are interested in more resources to help you have a mindful mental health summer, Alter Wellness Care can help. Our compassionate team is committed to helping each of our clients achieve all their mental health goals. We provide a variety of evidence-based therapies that can help you figure out what your plan should be. Summer is a great time to get started! Call Alter Wellness Care today at (866) 311-3510 for more information on the resources and services we provide.

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