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Alter Wellness Care Earns a Top Review for Outpatient Mental Health Treatment in California

Laguna Beach, California — Alter Wellness Care has earned another top review for the outpatient mental health treatment it provides for a variety of conditions. In a recent 5-star Google review, Taylor wrote that she would “highly recommend” this Laguna Beach outpatient treatment facility. In her review, she also praised the comprehensive discussions and treatments […]

Patient Praises Alter Wellness Care for a “Phenomenal Facility with Beyond Professional Staff Members”

Laguna Beach, California — A man who completed treatment at Alter Wellness Care is praising the mental health clinic in a five-star Google review. “Phenomenal facility with beyond professional staff members,” wrote Roham, who attended Alter’s outpatient mental health program in Laguna Beach, California. Winning the confidence of people struggling with mental illness with transparency […]

What is OCPD? Symptoms and Its Impact

OCPD, or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, involves excessive control, organization, and perfection that can impact a person’s life and relationships. People with the condition often find it difficult or even impossible to compromise, being rigid in their beliefs and experiencing difficulty working with others. This can lead to problems at work and in one’s personal life. […]

Finding Anorexia Support in Laguna Beach

Anorexia nervosa, one of the various types of eating disorder, can drastically impact a person’s health and overall well-being. Eating disorders affect about 30 million Americans, about 9%. Although obtaining professional behavioral health treatment to manage an eating disorder effectively is crucial, anorexia nervosa support groups in Laguna Beach can support the recovery process. Eating […]

Understanding Teenage Eating Disorders

Teenagers are the population most at risk of developing an eating disorder. Eating disorders impact your teen’s physical and mental health and should be taken seriously. The sooner you find support for your teen suffering from teenage eating disorders, the higher their likelihood of long-term recovery from mental health issues.  Causes of Eating Disorders in […]

Types of Eating Disorders: 2023 Statistics and Insights

Understanding Eating Disorders Eating disorders are a behavioral condition that has been impacting the lives of millions of people for years. The characteristics of an eating disorder range in severity depending on a person’s unique relationship with food. In 2023, 9% of the global population has an active eating disorder. Although eating disorders are prominent […]

How to Help Someone With Binge Eating Disorder

What Is a Binge Eating Disorder? It can be scary to watch someone you love struggle with a Binge Eating Disorder, but there are many resources to inform you and to support them once they are ready to access help. Finding mental health treatment resources to help you understand what causes this disorder and what […]

How to Find Outpatient Treatment for Panic Disorder

Alter Wellness Care Can Help in Laguna Beach Panic disorders are a common mental health concern among Americans. Panic disorder symptoms can significantly impact personal daily life — school, work, family relationships, and social settings. While you’re aware of the impacts of your panic disorder, it can feel challenging to take the first steps toward […]

Signs of Emotional Trauma in Adults

Recognizing the Signs of Emotional Trauma in Adults Seventy percent of adults in the U.S. have experienced at least one traumatic event during their lifetime. It’s important to know the causes and signs of emotional trauma in adults that occur when an event is so overwhelming that your mind can’t immediately cope with the impact. […]