Understanding Alter Wellness Care Treatment

What To Expect in Outpatient Mental Health Treatment?

Alter Wellness Care offers highly structured clinical programs designed to provide a combination of interventions focused on maintaining and improving functional abilities through an interdisciplinary approach to treatment.

Clinical Programs

Psychoeducational Groups

The primary focus of these groups is to educate and inform individuals generally about mental health, related behaviors, and the consequences of those behaviors.

Skills Development Groups

This model is flexible. The therapist can adapt the teaching of skills based on the needs of the individuals in the group. Skills focus on maintaining mental health symptoms and involve more interaction among the group members.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Groups

The concept behind CBT is that your thoughts and beliefs lead to emotions and then behaviors. CBT therapy will help you identify these beliefs, understand how they impact your feelings and actions, and learn to challenge faulty thinking. CBT aims to give you new coping skills to manage your mental health condition in a healthy way.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT provides opportunities for the development of existing skills. In treatment, four basic skill sets are taught. These are emotional regulation, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.

Support Groups

Just as the name suggests, this model provides support and care for the members while teaching them interpersonal skills through group discussion, shared experiences, and collaborative problem-solving.

Interpersonal Process Groups

Within this model, clients will process their traumas and interpersonal conflict as well as intrapersonal dysfunctions. The therapist helps members with their emotional development and addresses the childhood concerns that may lead them to poor decision-making and impulsive tendencies.

Acceptance Therapy

This model will educate clients to identify what matters to them, what they stand for, the types of relationships they would like to build, and how they would like to behave and respond. Clients will learn how to commit themselves to take actions that bring fulfillment and enriches their life, and to focus on what really matters to them.

Seeking Safety

This Model is a modern evidence-based- model of treatment that treats co-occurring post-traumatic stress disorder as well as underlying mental health issues.

Mission & Approach

Prospective clients take a thorough assessment for the appropriateness of treatment and level of care prior to admission. Clients needing acute mental health care are referred to appropriate facilities/ inpatient hospitalization. Individuals found acceptable for treatment at our facility will admit immediately or placed on a waiting list pending an open bed at one of our transitional living houses. Once a client is admitted, the assessment continues during the intake process and is completed by the assigned counselor. Every effort is made to respond to an individual’s needs, (i.e. financial, medical, legal, etc.).

Individual Treatment Plans

Initial assessments and ongoing valuations provide a basis for formulating individualized treatment plans as well as identifying the need for any referred services. Relationships with other community resources are established, and referrals to ancillary services. The development of the individual treatment plan takes into consideration the client’s lifestyle.

We Can Help

Whether you’re seeking diagnosis or care for an existing diagnosis, Alter Wellness Care is the place for you or your loved one.