How to Seek Help When You Are Unsure About Your Mental Health Issues

How to Seek Help When You Are Unsure About Your Mental Health

Mental health has become a conversational topic in our society today. Often misunderstood, certain mental health issues and disorders can also go under the radar when talking about the health of our mental state. With so many articles, therapeutic techniques, and opinions about mental health, it can be confusing to know where to turn when you need help. If you are wondering about getting mental health help, there is a plethora of resources out there to help you take the next steps in your mental health journey. 

Clinics that are local to your area, such as Alter Wellness Care, have been proven helpful. Their licensed mental health professionals can guide you to take the right steps in learning more about your mental health. Getting help is often the right step if you feel you are experiencing a mental health condition. However, if you are unsure about your symptoms, seeking help can also be beneficial for easing your anxieties.

Talking To Your Doctor About Your Mental Health Issues

If you are unsure about your mental health or the symptoms you have been experiencing, talking to your doctor first is your best option. Have a conversation with your primary care physician or a doctor from Alter Wellness Care. They can be both a resource and an ally to help you stay healthy and get the help you need.

Reaching out to a doctor can feel daunting at first. This is especially true if you have never talked about how you feel mentally. Clinics like Alter Wellness Care will often schedule an initial consultation with one of their doctors. This is an introductory session where any questions you have about your mental health can be answered. It also can be a great start if you feel you need more help with symptoms you may be experiencing.

Scheduling a Consultation for Your Mental Health

When reaching out to a clinic or doctor’s office, these few tips may help you prepare for your first meeting. They also may help in easing your anxiety if you are nervous to meet with a mental health professional. 

Here are some tips for scheduling a consultation:

  • If you are able, schedule a consultation or office visit on a day when you have some time off. This can help ease anxiety knowing you will have more time to spend with the doctor.
  • Write down any questions you may have beforehand. Bring these notes with you during your consultation.
  • Fill out the required paperwork beforehand. If an option is offered to fill out evaluation paperwork before your first visit, save yourself time and fill it out as soon as possible. This will help place all your focus on being present in your appointment. 
  • Get to your visit early, and try not to rush to your first appointment. Plan to get there at least fifteen minutes early to check in and relax before you meet with the doctor. If you are required to fill out paperwork in the office, being early can ensure you are able to see the doctor on time.

When you are finally in your first meeting with the doctor, do not be afraid to tell them if you are nervous. A good doctor is there to help ease your anxiety and answer any questions you may have. As always, if you feel like a particular doctor is not a good fit, you can decline to schedule a follow-up appointment. 

The Benefits of Talking With a Therapist About Your Mental Health Issues

Sometimes going right to the source and talking with a licensed mental health counselor can be of great service. If you decide to seek the expertise of a therapist, do your research. Do not be afraid to schedule an initial evaluation. 

Like the first visit with a doctor, an initial evaluation is an opportunity to get your questions answered. It is also a way to evaluate if therapy is a good fit. This can be beneficial in deciding which type of therapy could work for you. Therapists are there to help you sort through your emotions and symptoms. If you feel as though you need help with your mental health, this is a great option to get started.

Write down your symptoms, emotions, or feelings that may be leading you to decide if getting help for your mental health is right for you. This way you can be honest with the therapist who can help you decide the best course of action. 

Moreover, mental and physical health often crossover. When talking with a therapist, they may be able to refer you to a doctor or psychiatrist who can further help you with a proper diagnosis of your symptoms. 

Getting started on the road to better mental health can seem intimidating at first. Know that you are making the right decision, especially if you feel as though you need someone to talk to. The team at Alter Wellness Care is here for you whether you are just getting started or are furthering your treatment for your mental health. Reach out for help when the time is right.

If you would like to see a professional to discuss your mental health issues, call Alter Wellness Care. Our team of medical professionals is here to welcome you with open arms. We can discuss treatment options, getting a diagnosis, or simply answer questions on how we can serve you. Our empathetic and expert mental health team has experience in treating mental health conditions and disorders that may hinder you from living a healthy and happy life. It is our mission to help adults thrive in their everyday lives despite living with a mental health condition. Our outpatient programs have helped many in the Laguna Beach area live better lives. We are here to assist you, please call (866) 311-3510 for more.

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