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Types of Eating Disorders: 2023 Statistics and Insights

Understanding Eating Disorders Eating disorders are a behavioral condition that has been impacting the lives of millions of people for years. The characteristics of an eating disorder range in severity depending on a person’s unique relationship with food. In 2023, 9% of the global population has an active eating disorder. Although eating disorders are prominent […]

How to Help Someone With Binge Eating Disorder

What Is a Binge Eating Disorder? It can be scary to watch someone you love struggle with a Binge Eating Disorder, but there are many resources to inform you and to support them once they are ready to access help. Finding mental health treatment resources to help you understand what causes this disorder and what […]

What Is a Phobia?

A phobia is a form of anxiety disorder characterized by an excessive and persistent fear of a situation, object, person, animal, or activity. When someone with a phobia is presented with a situation, object, person, animal, or activity, it causes extreme levels of fear, resulting in heightened anxiety within the person. In some cases, immense […]

4 Ways IOP Treatment in Laguna Beach Can Help

An Intensive, But Flexible, Option Alter Wellness Care offers Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP treatment) Laguna Beach residents can access to get help for their mental health disorders without having to sacrifice their careers, take a leave from school, or uproot their home lives. IOPs are outpatient treatment plans for various mental illnesses, giving patients a […]

IOP Rehab in Laguna Beach

Behavioral Healthcare With More Flexibility Laguna Beach behavioral treatment options, such as IOP rehab, are critical if you seek support for a behavioral health condition. For some, seeking help through an intensive, inpatient treatment program may not always be possible due to personal responsibilities or commitments. There is help still available for those unable to […]

Where to Get Help With PTSD in Laguna Beach

Help Is Available in California Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious mental health condition that impacts about nine million people in the U.S. A person can develop this mental illness either by experiencing a traumatic event (or events) or witnessing one. The symptoms of PTSD can be intense and disturbing. With treatment for […]

Patient Credits Alter Wellness Care to “Guide You to the Right Path of Excellence”

Laguna Beach, California—A woman was so pleased with the mental health treatment she received at Alter Wellness Care, she posted an enthusiastic 5-star review of the center in Laguna Beach, California. “This a wonderful facility with professional staff that will guide you to the right path of excellence,” wrote the patient, Lupita. “Highly recommended.” Alter […]

How Can It Help? The Benefits of Outpatient Care

Alter Wellness Care Offers Outpatient Help If you have a mental health disorder, a brain disorder, or a psychiatric disorder and are searching for help but cannot leave your home, your career, or your family for an extended period of time, outpatient care for mental health might be proper for you. There are many benefits […]