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Behavioral Healthcare With More Flexibility

Laguna Beach behavioral treatment options, such as IOP rehab, are critical if you seek support for a behavioral health condition. For some, seeking help through an intensive, inpatient treatment program may not always be possible due to personal responsibilities or commitments. There is help still available for those unable to attend an inpatient program. Alter Wellness Care offers a flexible option for behavioral healthcare through an intensive outpatient program (IOP).

An IOP offers the same leading evidence-based therapy methods to treat behavioral health conditions as an inpatient treatment program but within a flexible treatment schedule. At Alter Wellness Care, we strive to provide a middle ground for behavioral healthcare options that support you in stabilizing mental health disorders in Laguna Beach within a treatment program that fits your current lifestyle and needs. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your specific circumstances with behavioral health along with your goals for treatment to create a personalized treatment plan that is centered around your unique needs. IOP’s are an effective method for treatment and we’re ready to help you find emotional, physical, and mental stability within our comprehensive treatment programs. 

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What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program is a form of treatment that is in between an inpatient residential treatment program and an outpatient treatment program. Participating in an IOP will invite you to attend our recovery center for therapeutic sessions and programming for 6 to 30 hours a week depending on your required care levels. 

While you’re in our recovery center for your personalized treatment program, you’ll be offered participation in a structured healing plan that consists of scientifically based therapy methods. Each specific therapy approach is designed to assist patients in understanding how their behavioral or mental health disorder appears within their life, the impacts it can have on their day-to-day living, and learn methods of how to manage their mental health disorder through natural, holistic practices. 

At Alter Wellness Care in Laguna Beach, we offer two variations of an IOP that provide different levels of care and treatment methods for patients. Each option is designed in unique ways so that there are diverse healing options for patients that are experiencing mental health disorders while taking into account the unique needs of each patient and their healing process.

  • IOP5: This form of IOP is the first level of care that is the longest form of treatment available. Patients can participate in this type of IOP for a period of 40 to 60 days depending on your preference and required need. Patients can attend multiple therapy sessions each day in this form of IOP allowing them to gain the most from their healing experience and have the ongoing support they need in their initial recovery and treatment process. When you’re not attending therapy sessions, patients can go about their days as they wish. For some patients, to remain safe throughout their treatment program, you may wish to reside within a sober living housing program 7 days a week to give you the additional support and security you need. 
  • IOP3: This type of IOP is less intensive and the second level of care patients can participate in. This form of IOP is offered over a smaller length of time of 30 to 40 days. Patients can attend our recovery center for therapy sessions and can choose between one or two-morning therapy sessions or afternoon therapy sessions. As always, Alter Wellness Care wants to ensure that patients remain safe throughout their treatment process. Patients can live within a sober living facility that offers ongoing support in a safe environment. 

How Can I Find an IOP Rehab in Laguna Beach?

Laguna Beach offers a tranquil location to address your mental or behavioral health condition. At Alter Wellness Care, we have a facility located in this picturesque location to treat and heal from the impacts of your mental health condition and learn how to flourish in life with stable and healthy behavioral or mental health disorders. We see the potential in all of our patients and strive to give you an individualized treatment program that is meaningful and impactful for your healing process. 

If you’re seeking an IOP program in Laguna Beach, you can speak to our admission team at Alter Wellness Care. We’ll help you identify the levels of care required for IOP treatment and help you start this exciting, transformational recovery journey. 

Who Should Get Help From an IOP Rehab?

An IOP rehab program in Laguna Beach is an ideal option for anyone that is currently living with a mental or behavioral health condition or someone looking to be formally assessed and diagnosed. When you’re living with the symptoms and side effects of these disorders, life can sometimes feel chaotic or unmanageable. If you’re finding that you’re experiencing symptoms that have impacted your health, social or personal life, and other key areas of your life to the instability of your symptoms, an IOP could be a beneficial option for treatment for you. An IOP can be a perfect option for patients seeking mental health treatment but, for personal reasons, cannot commit to an inpatient program or don’t feel they require the intensive support of a residential or hospitalization program. 

If you want to know more about IOPs and if it is the right option for you, speak with Alter Wellness Care today to hear more about the programs and take the next step towards a new healthier chapter in your life. 

iop rehab treatment laguna beach

What Are the Advantages of IOP Rehab for Mental Health?

An IOP offers many benefits for mental health treatment for patients and can benefit the treatment process. The advantages of an IOP can include the following:

  • Empowering patients to have a choice and voice in their recovery process: In an IOP, patients are encouraged to create their own therapy schedule that fits within their lifestyle. We see that the more [patients can take control of their recovery process, the more engaged and committed they are to the therapeutic process 
  • Scientifically proven effectiveness: Outpatient programs, including IOPs, have had scientific studies and evidence produced that demonstrate long-term effectiveness in maintaining healthy, stable mental and behavioral health conditions after completion of IOPs. 
  • Ability to heal within a safe, supportive environment: Patients have the ability to break down any social stigmas and reduce feelings of shame or guilt about needing support for mental health treatment when they attend our judgment-free recovery center. Patients can heal and undergo treatment with others going through similar treatment journeys and alongside our compassionate, experienced team of mental health professionals. 
  • Structured daily support: Each patient will create a treatment plan with the support of our team. Patients will have regular meetings with their therapist and the ability to have the right levels of care to treat and overcome any symptoms from mental health disorders effectively. 

Click here to contact Alter Wellness Care today at 866-520-2943 to learn more about our highly structured clinical programs designed to overcome mental health conditions. 

Call Alter and Get Help From a Top IOP Rehab in Laguna Beach

If you’re ready to begin the treatment process and begin getting a hold of your mental health symptoms, there is help available at Alter Wellness Care. Our top-rated IOP Rehab in Laguna Beach offers you a comprehensive treatment model that includes various leading evidence-based therapy methods that are proven effective in gaining long-term stability and wellness for your mental and behavioral health. These flexible programs allow you to take control of your recovery journey and find the assistance and treatment you seek in a therapeutic format that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Contact the team at Alter Wellness Care in Laguna Beach today at 866-520-2943, and learn more about the IOPs available to begin your individualized treatment program.

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