Why Is a Structured Environment Crucial to Early Recovery?

Why Is a Structured Environment Crucial to Early Recovery?

Early recovery is a unique experience for every individual going through mental health recovery. The first year of recovery is most often considered early recovery, and it is often the most challenging. It is a crucial period of time that needs to be handled with care. 

Someone in early recovery is just starting on the road to changing their entire lives. Because of this, they need support to increase their chances of success in the recovery process.

Why Is Early Recovery Support Crucial?

Early recovery is a critical time for people and should be considered differently from other parts of recovery. During the first year of mental health recovery, individuals are still learning to use their coping mechanisms in everyday life. With little practice, they are more likely to relapse into previous mental health symptoms. Because people in early recovery are especially vulnerable, they will need as much structure and routine as possible.

Factors That Contribute to Success in Recovery

There are a lot of things that you can look at when trying to make sure you are successful during early recovery. There are also guidelines that you can take into consideration that may help you succeed. 

According to the researcher Dr. Steven Melemis, there are five rules of recovery that lead to success. While these rules were initially created to help those in substance abuse recovery, they can also apply to mental health recovery.

#1 Change Your Life

The most important rule of recovery is that you change your life. Recovery doesn’t happen by going back to your old life, plagued by debilitating symptoms. A person does not achieve recovery by just hoping for the best. You have to build a new life for yourself that includes healthy coping with mental health symptoms and a plan of care that supports your continued success.

#2 Be Honest

While actively struggling with mental health, you may have found yourself lying to hide how bad things in your life had gotten. However, being honest with yourself, your circle of support, and your medical professionals will help you stay on the right track.

#3 Ask for Help

A lot of people start the recovery process thinking they can do it on their own. They want to prove that they have control over their mental health and they are not unhealthy. Learning to recognize that you aren’t alone and you can rely on people for help is essential to the recovery process.

#4 Practice Self-Care

Self-care is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of the recovery process. Taking care of yourself and feeling your best can be an excellent tool for success. You need to feel that you are worthy of positivity in your life.

#5 Don’t Bend the Rules

It is crucial to follow your treatment plan as prescribed by the medical professionals you are consulting with. The purpose of this rule is to remind you not to resist the process by believing that you can do recovery your own way.

How Can a Structured Environment Lead to Success?

A structured environment in mental health treatment and recovery will help put you on a path toward long-term success. Structure during treatment is the key to starting a new life. Forming good daily habits with support from people who understand you and will champion your mental health recovery can make a big difference. In treatment, you will be provided with all the tools that you need to follow the five rules of recovery. 

Changing your life can be difficult, but a mental health treatment program can be the first step toward making positive changes. In a treatment program, you will be surrounded by a variety of support that you can rely on. The daily routine of a recovery program will provide you with self-care options as well.

Social connections are of the utmost importance during early recovery. You will need to have a strong circle of support that includes like-minded people. In a mental health treatment program, you will meet people who have the same goals of recovery as you. 

Seeking Professional Help

If you have concerns about yourself or a loved one, there is help available to you. At Alter Wellness Care, we provide outpatient mental health treatment. Many of our treatment plans are based on behavioral therapies aimed at helping you change harmful behaviors and attitudes surrounding your mental health disorder. 

If you are in need of more acute mental health care, we can also refer you to a higher level of care. Every step we take is in response to your individual needs. Our combination of evidence-based and holistic care can ensure you find the support and healing you deserve.

A controlled and structured environment during early recovery from mental health disorders can make a big difference in your path to success. Being surrounded by a team of professionals and peers that share the same goals is a significant first step toward healing. At Alter Wellness Care, we can provide all the tools you need to change your life. We believe that mental health treatment should be customized for each individual based on their unique challenges and needs. Our combination of evidence-based and holistic practices can help you find recovery from any number of mental health disorders. If you are ready to start on the path toward improving your life, Alter Wellness Care’s outpatient mental health treatment facility can help. Call us today at (866) 311-3510 to learn more about our program and how we can help you find mental health recovery.

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