The Benefits of Group CBT While You Are in Recovery

The Benefits of Group CBT While You Are in Recovery

While in recovery from substance use disorder, finding a therapeutic way of recovering properly can be challenging. When dealing with mental health conditions, your options can seem bleak. If you feel there is nowhere to turn, the first step is reaching out to the care team at Alter Wellness Care. Specifically, inquire about our group cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) programs.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of talk therapy that is used to treat mental health distress and for those in recovery. It is also employed by those experiencing mental health disorders. Considering the gold standard by which psychotherapy practices, CBT can provide you with the skills and tools you need to prosper inside and outside of treatment. These skills can help you cope with and manage your symptoms. 

CBT is an ideal tool for those trying to heal during the recovery process. It can teach you ways to cope with difficult situations in life outside of therapy. In addition, when done in a group setting, CBT has immense benefits. It also provides a supportive environment you can rely on.

What Is CBT?

The main reason why CBT is becoming a more popular method as a practice of psychotherapy or talk therapy is because of its immense benefits. First, CBT is a method in which a client talks with their therapist about their thoughts and emotions. The therapist lends a hand in helping you understand your thoughts and emotions and why they may lead to certain behaviors.

CBT aims to challenge unhealthy patterns of thinking that hinders you and changes that thinking into a more positive perspective. Thus, this can make you react to situations differently without letting your emotions get in the way. 

While in group CBT, you can work through unsettling emotions and thoughts. You can do this with others helping you. In a supportive environment, the therapist can talk about the skills that can help you cope with and manage your symptoms. Whether you are there to gain help in your recovery or gain help with your mental health, this supportive environment can help you.

Your peers are important to your success. The people in your group are there for many of the same reasons you are. While each individual may experience different outcomes, reaching their goals through CBT is something that everyone can relate to. When you share your story with others, it can be empowering.

Hearing others share their stories can also help you gain perspective. In group therapy, the people are there to support you, and you are there to support them. It is a giving and receiving environment where you can have a support system outside of daily life. If you feel alone in dealing with your recovery challenges, group CBT can be there to help you along the way.

Support System in CBT Group Therapy

You may be wondering how the support system structure works in group CBT. While in group therapy, you will have a small set of peers who share their stories and work on their thoughts and behavior patterns just like you. The therapist will guide the discussion, and you will follow simple steps that begin to help you learn more about why your symptoms can be intense.

If you have social anxiety or feel as though group therapy may not be concentrated enough, talk to a private therapist first. The therapist can help you learn the skills to participate in a group setting. They can also help you decide whether or not a program like this can benefit your mental health.

The impact a support system has on those in recovery is immense. Studies have shown that a support group can help you learn better interpersonal skills along with having people around you to give you positive energy. You can choose to participate in a women-only or men-only group. The structure, however, will remain the same.

Group therapy is one of the most common approaches for those in recovery. This may be because of the social support network it creates outside of therapy. Having people to rely on when your symptoms are at their strongest can have a positive impact. Participating in this kind of therapy can be beneficial in establishing a support system while also learning the skills you need to manage your symptoms in a healthy way.

No matter which way you choose to go, know that group CBT is always an option to consider. If you are in recovery and feel you could benefit from having a social support network, consider Alter Wellness Care. We have group CBT programs that could make a positive impact on your life. Reach out to a licensed mental health professional to understand which programs may work well for you. 

The road to recovery does not have to be taken alone. Connect with others and gain the skills you need through Alter Wellness Care’s outpatient and group therapy programs. Through a supportive environment with peers and the help of a licensed mental health professional, you can get the help you need to stay on track with your goals and manage your symptoms better. We offer CBT group programs that can benefit you in multiple ways, whether you are struggling with recovery, mental health, or both. Our mission is dedicated to helping adults thrive and live healthier and happier lives. Call Alter Wellness Care today at (866) 311-3510 to learn more about our effective programs and services.

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