Is a Partial Hospitalization Program a Good Fit for Me?

Is a Partial Hospitalization Program a Good Fit for Me?

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are an intermediary step between outpatient care and full hospitalization for individuals struggling with their mental health or other disorders. When an individual commits to a PHP, they will have structured care that usually includes daily therapy sessions and access to a variety of support groups. The rest of their time is flexible and gives them the opportunity to still have some freedom with their schedules.

What Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Used For?

PHPs are one level of care that is an option for people who are struggling with challenges like major depressive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. These kinds of mental health issues can present with symptoms on a wide scale, from mild to severe. What kind of treatment plan a person needs is determined by how intensely they are being affected.

Treatment plans for mental health are typically adapted to best suit a person’s mental health needs. They also take into consideration the person’s lifestyle, daily obligations, and scheduling availability. There are options that only require a commitment of an hour each week or every other week. For conditions requiring more intensive care, there are programs that include inpatient care that can provide around-the-clock supervision and care as needed. 

A PHP is a combination of the benefits of outpatient therapy and full hospitalization programs. For some people that are looking for resources and support, inpatient treatment may be too restrictive and intensive. At the same time, they might need access to more therapy resources and a safe space to develop tools for deep healing. For these people, a partial hospitalization program might be the best option.

Services Offered in a Partial Hospitalization Program

PHPs will be distinctive depending on the facility that is offering the program. At Alter Wellness Care, our PHP offers a variety of therapies and support groups as well as a stay in our beautiful sober living house in Laguna Beach, California. Our PHP lasts an average of thirty to forty-five days. Therapy sessions are offered up to five days a week at regularly scheduled times that our clients can choose from. 

Our treatment options are varied and comprehensive. We pride ourselves in offering the best scientifically backed and evidence-based treatment options. Group resources offered at Alter Wellness Care include:

  • Psychoeducational groups: Clients can learn about their mental health and symptoms in a safe environment conducive to learning and growing
  • Skills development groups: Our mental health experts work with the group to determine what skills would be most beneficial to develop
  • Support groups: In a group setting, clients can work on their interpersonal skills while developing connections and sharing in a safe space

 We offer a variety of beneficial therapy options, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Clients will learn to recognize negative thought patterns and behaviors as well as develop skills to create a healthier frame of mind.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy: This therapy focuses specifically on emotional skills. Clients will develop emotional regulation, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.
  • Acceptance therapy: In this unique treatment, clients practice acceptance and mindfulness strategies to evaluate behaviors and adopt new psychological approval.

Intensive Outpatient Program vs. Partial Hospitalization Program

Alter Wellness Care offers intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) as well as our PHP. All of our IOPs and PHP share a commitment to the highest quality of care for our clients. They are each designed to provide our clients with different options that they can choose from. The main difference in these options is the amount of time clients are expected to invest in treatment. The PHP has a total length of stay that is similar to our IOPs. Clients enrolled in a PHP are not expected to be in treatment for as many hours per day. 

The Alter Wellness Care Treatment Approach

At Alter Wellness Care, we strive to help our clients achieve total wellness through holistic care. We aim to understand each client as a whole person with unique needs and interests. Our PHP includes a six-dimensional approach to mental health and wellness: emotional, social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and occupational. We understand that all of these elements are interconnected, and all of them are important for positive mental health.

Trauma-informed care is essential to the Alter Wellness Care treatment approach. We recognize that many of our clients may have experienced trauma in their past that influences their mental health. Utilizing trauma-informed care practices helps us ensure that we can be sensitive to all of our client’s needs. 

Our PHP takes into consideration the convenience of attendance for each client. We want our clients to feel empowered and in control of their schedules. To ensure that participation in our program is most beneficial, our clients stay close by in a sober living house. This provides easy access to treatment and resources as well as providing a comfortable and safe environment that helps promote deep healing. 

If you are deciding what level of care would best fit your needs, Alter Wellness Care can help. We specialize in helping people through every step of the process, from admissions through diagnosis and treatment, ending with support for maintaining successful recovery. We are committed to providing the best services that are backed scientifically. We work with each of our clients to formulate an individual treatment plan that will fit both their needs and their lifestyle. Our partial hospitalization programs can offer you the flexibility you need while getting support for your mental health challenges. Call us today at (866) 311-3510 to find out what makes the Alter Wellness Care approach unique and effective.  

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