5 Benefits of Outpatient Therapy

benefits of outpatient therapy

Alter Wellness Care Can Help in California

Most people struggle with mental health at some point. Some people struggle routinely with their mental health. Whether you have a chronic mental health condition or are facing a crisis that involves your mental health, you can find caring support at Alter Wellness Care. Our mental health treatment center features outpatient therapy programs that include IOP and PHP programming. Depending on your recovery needs, these treatment programs can help you successfully manage your condition, and outpatient therapy has numerous benefits.

At Alter Wellness Care, we are committed to providing empathetic care based on mental health treatments that are proven to be safe and effective. Patients with mental health disorders have two options:

  • Hospitalization or outpatient treatment: We focus on providing outstanding outpatient support designed to help patients enjoy symptom relief and improved condition management. Get to know the benefits of outpatient therapy and how it can enhance your mental health and life.

Choose Alter Wellness Care if you need help managing a mental health or mood disorder in California. If you have a condition such as generalized anxiety or major depression, you know how challenging it can be when your symptoms are at their worst. Remember that help is available at Alter Wellness Care. You don’t have to struggle alone. Our clinicians are licensed and experienced. We can help you manage your condition and achieve the symptom relief you crave.

Our programming and evidence-based mental health treatments offer an interdisciplinary approach to wellness. Our clinicians help to empower patients by helping them understand their condition and how to manage it. Our programs help patients build their skills to manage their condition successfully. Learning how to manage a mental health condition and effective therapies takes time. Patients can trust our clinicians to provide them with the support they need to achieve relief from unpleasant symptoms. Often, with treatment, patients can learn how to spot early symptoms and manage them before they can become severe.

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What Are the Types of Outpatient Therapy?

At Alter Wellness Care Laguna Beach, we offer IOP and PHP programs. These programs each offer a different level of support. Our clinicians can provide each patient with an evaluation, helping them to determine what type of program is best for them. With an IOP, patients will spend up to 30 hours weekly in a customized program to fit their treatment needs.

An IOP is ideal for patients for whom hospitalization is more support than needed, but regular outpatient treatment sessions are not enough. At Alter Wellness Care, we feature IOP programs that support whole-person wellness complemented by evidence-based treatment and trauma-informed care. Our treatments are designed to be effective, safe, and compassionate. If you are searching for an IOP in California, rely on Alter Wellness Care for treatments that include: skills development groups, psychoeducational groups, interpersonal process groups, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), skills development groups, cognitive behavioral therapy groups, and more. These therapies have the support of the scientific and medical communities as being safe and effective for the treatment of various types of mental illnesses. Expect our clinicians to recommend the ideal treatment options for you.

Our treatment center also features a PHP program. Our PHP involves a similar amount of days as our IOP, but people can expect to spend fewer hours in treatment. In this way, our PHP program is a step down from our IOP regarding support. However, many patients don’t need to spend as much time in therapy. Offering both types of programs allows Alter Wellness Care to support each patient for improved condition management.

mental health outpatient therapy

Who Is a Good Fit for Outpatient Therapy?

Outpatient mental health therapy is ideal for people with a degree of stability. Patients who feel highly unstable are better suited to a hospital where the level of support is great. Outpatient programs at Alter Wellness Care provide holistic therapies that support whole-person well-being and our specific evidence-based therapies. Consequently, patients who can benefit from these therapies and are stable enough to return home after a day of treatment is ideal for this programming type.

Not everyone is a candidate for outpatient therapy at first. Some patients can benefit from a hospital stay. However, patients often transition to our IOP or PHP programs as their support needs change and their condition becomes increasingly stable. They can continue to get robust support but can begin transitioning back home and to their everyday lives.

Is outpatient therapy right for you? Visit our treatment facility for an evaluation. Our clinicians can provide you with a thorough evaluation of your condition. We can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and then develop a treatment program that meets all of your therapeutic needs.

5 Benefits of Outpatient Therapy

There are many excellent benefits of outpatient therapy. Here are a few you should know about:

  1. Flexible schedule: Our PHP program allows for more flexibility than our IOP because it involves fewer hours.
  2. Evidence-based treatments: Patients will receive evidence-based therapies with the backing of the medical and scientific communities.
  3. Structured care: Both our IOP and PHP programs are highly structured to provide optimum patient support.
  4. Access to the community: Patients can enjoy peer group support as they learn how to manage their condition effectively.
  5. Positive healing environment: There are no stigmas at Alter Wellness Care. We provide a safe and respectful environment where patients can heal with dignity and respect.

Will Insurance Help Pay for Outpatient Therapy?

Insurance providers do provide coverage for outpatient therapy as well as for hospitalization. How much? That depends. Insurance companies wanting to participate in the federal insurance exchange must provide a certain degree of mental and behavioral health treatment coverage. Some insurance companies offer more coverage than others.

If you are concerned about what your plan offers, particularly with regard to Cigna therapy coverage, – or any other Insurance- call your insurance carrier or contact Alter Wellness Care. Our insurance specialists can discuss the specific coverage your plan allows for, providing clarity on the availability and extent of mental health benefits. We understand that patients often have concerns about cost, and we are here to help you determine any out-of-pocket expenses that may be associated with your plan

Click here to contact Alter Wellness Care today at 866-520-2943 to learn more about our highly structured clinical programs designed to overcome mental health conditions.

Call Alter Wellness Care and Get the Benefits of Outpatient Therapy

Now is the time to enjoy the benefits of outpatient therapy at Alter Wellness Care. Get to know our treatment programs and let us help you get your recovery on track. It takes time and learning to manage a mental health disorder. Symptoms can be overwhelming and even debilitating. Our clinicians can help you manage those symptoms and learn how to identify them early — before they can trigger a bad condition episode.

Contact Alter Wellness Care and let us help you get your life and health on track. Alter Wellness Care features a safe and positive environment that’s conducive to healing. Our clinicians are dedicated to achieving positive patient outcomes, and our evidence-based and holistic therapies support optimum condition management. When you visit, we can begin with an evaluation to ensure you get the support you need to be well. Call us today at 866-520-2943 or contact our team online to learn more about our outpatient treatment programs and enrollment process.

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